Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ring Holder Arrival

New ring holders have arrived!  I have a wide selection of colors - some created from using a different clay body.  I experimented with a new clay body - a nice dark brown clay that is very smooth and plastic and looks really good with some of the glazes I have.  It's interesting how some glazes looked better and others just looked different. 

Yellow Ring Holder

Green Ring Holder
The top picture is glazed in sunny yellow with my normal clay body, the bottom green ring holder is glazed in the same color in the dark brown clay body.

Firebrick Ring Holder

Firebrick on Dark Clay
In this set of pictures, the first is glazed in firebrick in my normal clay body, the second it also glazed in firebrick, but in the dark brown clay body.  The darkness of the clay body really enriched the color of the glaze.

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