Friday, June 20, 2014

The Artist Behind the Art

When I am viewing art, I often form some kind of vision of the artist who created the work. Sometimes I am close, but most of the time I am way off. It makes me think of my own work and wonder what kind of visions are drawn about me. 

In college (I was a professional student for a while), I experimented and was inspired and challenged by the others in the studio.  I experimented a lot with creative glazing, patterns, and whimsy.

Wax Resisted Polka Dot Vase

Once I got out in the real world and started working in the professional realm (lead developer at a printing company), my available time dwindled, but the things I wanted to try to make kept growing.   I learned to refine my forms and simplify my glazing and patterns.

White Unity Candle

Currently, I have very little time (2 little boys -  3 and 7 months), so the time I do get in the studio is precious.  There is usually a special order with a deadline that I am working on.  I am trying to get better at saying "no" for special projects, but sometimes they are just too fun to resist.

PB&J Cake Topper

I do hope that in whatever stage of life I am in, that I am able to have fun with my work and that I can give my viewers something to smile about.