Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Composite Forms

If you're not a body builder with great upper body strength, how do you make large vessels? Well, I am certainly not a body builder, so I have to resort to other techniques when trying to throw large 20+ pound pieces.

Composite forms have become my friend. If you are not familiar with a composite form, it is a form made out of multiple pieces (see pics). Measure the top opening of your first form and use that measurement for the top of the second form. Once the pieces are set up, score the rims of both pieces and coat with slip. Place the second piece on top of the first - you can either cut off the bat before or after you have placed the second piece, depending on size and how well it stays in place. Smooth the joint very well and when you start shaping the pieces, push the clay down over the joint, so piece two really joins to piece one. Once the pieces are combined, you can continue to smooth and shape your joined pieces. It's a fairly simple way to create a large form, without the large muscles!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mixed Media

As many of you know, I used to do a fair amount of painting. A recent project has reminded me of how much I enjoy painting and allowed me to combine pottery and painting. I can't post pics of my project yet - I want it to be a surprise, but will share some details.

On July 31st in Kenton, OH there is a fund raising event to help the Farmer's Market to raise money and awareness. I will be demonstrating and my platters will be used to hold the delicious food cooked by a Hardin County Native. The event will be held at The Grand Trillium Inn, a new bed and breakfast. To help commemorate the event I will be painting scenes on the platters used to serve the food. I'm planning on doing 3. The first is of course, the inn. I'm stuck on what to do for the other two. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Friday, July 10, 2009


With most things in life, patience is an especially important virtue. The art of making pottery is definitely a test of your patience. Learning the skill on the potters wheel - taking the time to master the technique of throwing and then of trimming and finishing a piece. I've never claimed to be a patient person, in fact I've said many times that the only thing I have patience with is my art.

This weekend was a good example of me getting ahead of myself and perhaps a little too confident and going against my better judgment. I was trying to rush the drying process on some pieces so that I could fire them and get some special orders done. The result: 3 blown up pieces. Lots of lost time and a new beginning...not exactly what I was looking to accomplish. Sometimes the voice in your head is the voice of reason, have the patience to listen and translate the meaning.